I grew up reading paperbacks, and I still love spending time at my hometown bookstore. There’s just something so inviting about finding a good novel, grabbing a hot latte, and taking in a cozy ambience that captures the full sensory experience: look, smell, sound, touch, and taste.

As more small town bookstores have made their resurgence, independent authors should take notice. Here’s why:

  1. Today there are now over 6 million ebooks in the Kindle store, which makes it extremely difficult for a new author to get a prime spot—or even noticed—on the Amazon platform.
  2. Ebooks have diminished the art of writing as so many are poorly edited or formatted incorrectly when converted to .epub or .mobi. People are losing their trust in the ebook style.
  3. Print books pay higher royalties than ebooks.
  4. Reading an ebook can cause fatigue a lot sooner, and it can be difficult to find and capture certain passages. With print books, it’s easy to bookmark and scribble notes.
  5. In spite of the ebook hype, many people still – and always will – prefer to have a physical book they can hold and manipulate.

Savvy authors will offer their books in both formats to capture the full market of their niche readers.


Since 1999, Angie Donelle has worked with hundreds of independent authors to help them create beautiful, top-selling books.