Invest in Pubbla

The whole process of creating and selling a book can be frustrating. Pubbla is a trusted, all-inclusive publishing platform of talent, tools, and resources to help make self-publishing painless and profitable.

As self-publishing continues to thrive, we want to create a better publishing experience for authors and publishing professionals around the globe.

Problem #1: No convenient resource

Many authors write amazing books, but many don’t know where to turn to find suitable, trusted editors, designers, and marketers for their books (emphasis on trusted, as many are not). Freelance sites are riddled with unscreened and risky services.

Problem #2: Limited choices for professionals

Alternately, there are no resources for established, trusted publishing service professionals to stand out, based on their own merits and reputation.

Problem #3: Other online graphic design DIY apps fall short

• They do not offer a way to design paperbacks or book jackets

• Many are low-quality, or, too expensive and hard to learn

• Many are proprietary of a publisher and exclusive contract

• None allow the full creation of a book

Pubbla is a community where authors and professionals can connect in a secure platform — including access to intuitive tools and a valuable, robust educational center that’s focused on building knowledge and success for authors and publishing professionals alike.

Why would someone want to invest in Pubbla?

  1. It’s a proven market: Self-publishing continues to thrive each year.
  2. It’s a needed resource with everything to successfully create and market a book and support authorpreneurship.
  3. Established publishing professionals can stand out from the freelance crowd & showcase their work to reach optimum viewers.
  4. It’s a profitable market: Our closest competitor has over 1.5M views per month, with 150K authors and 8-figure annual earnings. This proves to be promising for healthy competition (us!).
  5. Our DIY design app does it all: covers, page design, formatting, social media posts, & marketing pieces.
  6. There are several revenue streams: In platform, app, and premium education.
  7. Our educational center provides value, creates virality, and keeps customers coming back.
  8. All professionals who want in our service platform are carefully screened based on merit and trust.
  9. We are a charitable business who gives back to our community and to humanity through many efforts.

In 2019, we launched our design app (beta) that now serves hundreds of authors and publishers with their cover designs, social media posts, and marketing pieces. Now we are in process of developing a professional marketplace to connect authors and publishers with talent as well as including:

  • Dedicated support
  • Creative courses and tutorials
  • Tools
  • Forum

Pubbla is a registered C-Corp. We have a limited opportunity for individuals to become private shareholders for a $1000 minimum investment.

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