Become a Pubbla Design Partner and get paid what you truly deserve – to do what you truly love.

Design templates for our gallery and earn up to $20 per template sold.

How does this work?

Pubbla pays graphic designers 50% to 100% commission for every piece sold in our fee-based Templates Gallery.

This is an additional gallery we provide to our users who need convenient professional design they can quickly edit.


Watch our intro video

Pubbla Design Partners Video


How much can I make as a Pubbla Designer?

As a member, you can earn up to $20 per template order. Pricing is determined by:

  1. Media type;
  2. The intricacy of the piece;
  3. The quality of work put into the piece.

Pricing is subject to change periodically.

How do customers buy my templates?

We have two main galleries:

  1. Our Basic gallery with photos and images
  2. Our Templates gallery

The Basic gallery is free for all users. The Templates gallery offers fee-based, pre-designed templates. These are a convenience for those who need great design and don’t have the time or skill, or just need something quick and professional. Each time a template is selected for download, payment must be completed first. Payment is then recorded in Designer’s account.

How do I get paid?

When someone purchases your template, it will show up in your Pubbla design account. Payments are made each week into your PayPal account.

How much exposure will I get?

Pubbla is promoted world-wide and will only gain more momentum as we go. During our beta release, there is opportunity for prime positioning in our template galleries. Designers who sign up first have the field advantage to receive optimum exposure.

Will I earn a commission with both Authentic and Signature users?

Yes. Commissions are earned in both platforms.

Can I just create book covers?

Absolutely. You can create whatever you want from the following categories:

  • Bookmarks
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • E-book Covers
  • Facebook Covers
  • Flyers
  • Instagram Posts
  • Letterhead
  • Magazine Covers
  • Pinterest Graphics
  • Postcards
  • Print Book Cover
  • Social Media (general)

Do I have to be a professional?

No, however you do need to have design savvy as we screen for quality pieces. Not only that, but the nicest designs will command the highest price. Do your best!