The Pubbla Story

At Pubbla, our focus is providing a better design experience—not only for self-publishers, but for anyone of any skill who needs great design. We are excited to offer our users a rich diversity of graphics and templates from talented designers around the world.

Our Founding

Pubbla was founded in early 2018 by Angie Underwood, after someone asked her why her book cover desktop program wasn’t a web app. Good question!

Backstory: In 2007, working as a freelance graphic designer, Angie realized many self-publishers didn’t have the budget for her custom cover design—so she decided to develop software that would make it easy and affordable for authors to design their own print and e-book covers. It went on to be loved by thousands. But after several years, evolving technology, and chasing lots of butterflies, it was time for a big change.

So she mapped out a new plan, found the right partner, hired developers that rock, and turned Pubbla into reality—maintaining her core passion: Helping others create beautiful design.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Pubbla was developed with a main objective: To help authors affordably create their own high-quality designs. After a lot of research and diligence, we discovered no other platform exists that:

1) is specific to authors/self-publishers, but for anyone to use;
2) is an independent service (not part of an online retailer or publisher);
3) creates print book covers as well as e-book covers; and
4) is USA-based.

Another way Pubbla stands out: Instead of hiring an in-house design team, as other platforms do, we commission freelance graphic designers to create professional templates for us. By supporting talent around the world, we can provide a rich diversity of design for our customers—and our designers receive great exposure and a generous commission for their hard work.

Mission Statement

Helping authors create beautiful design for print, web, and promotion.

Big Plans

Pubbla is currently in Beta. For our next phase, we’re developing our app to include other features, such as intuitive interior page design and a more robust interface.

Our overall focus: To provide a one-stop self-publishing ecosystem by giving access to talented professionals, a powerful design app, tools, and resources.


Angie Underwood
Founder, President of Obsessive Creative Disorder


Steve Cunningham
VPO, Chief Left-Brain


Andy Anspach
CSR, Lead Ninja of Happy Customers